How to BUFF


What can your new BFF do for your skin?

Abhyanga Buff-ahj

Here at the BFF, we have combined the practice of Abhyanga Massage with Buffing, to create our own version: Abhyanga Buff-ahj.

Abhyanga is the practice of anointing of the body with oil, and massaging it into the entire body before bathing. In Sanskrit, “sneha” means both “oil” and “love,” and the effects of abhyanga are similar to being saturated with love.

It is taught that for the effects of sneha to reach to the deepest layer, it should be massaged into the body for around five minutes. In order to accurately reach the entire body, we encouraged you to take your time, completely your Buff-ahj in about 15 minutes.

Breaks down fat deposits (cellulite)

Increases muscle metabolism

Cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural oils 

Replenishes the skin of nutrients lost in day-to-day wear and tear

Increases circulation




A BFF BodyBuffer

Coconut Oil (Or Neroli Oil/Eucalyptus Oil/Seseme Oil etc)

BFF Blue Microfiber Lotion Muff


  1. PRIOR to showering, undress and place the Blue microfiber Muff on your Buffer.
  2. Place one TBSP of Coconut Oil on the Blue Muff.
  3. Using your hands, wooden spatula, or butter knife, spread the oil so that it is evenly dispersed across the surface of the Muff.
  4. Turn the BFF power switch to “On”.
  5. Beginning at your feet, make a long glide from the top of your foot to the base of your knee. Allowing only the weight/pressure to come from the machine (no need to push down here)!
  6. Continue to upward strokes up both sides of your shine, and one along the back from the Achilles tendon to just below the knee pit.
  7. Continue onto the thighs and buttocks with the same upward motions always drawing the blood flowtoward the heart.
  8. Move on to your belly and gently move the BFF in a counter-clockwise motion, (this will aid in digestion).
  9. Continue on with upward glides from lower back to shoulder blades and up the slides of your torso.
  10. When ready, you can do the same style stroke on both arms, bringing your strokes from hand to elbow, again, starting with back of the hand to the elbow, inner wrist to elbow, and both sides of the forearm.
  11. For the upper arm, in continuous motions, circle all the way around your upper arm from elbow to shoulder blade, think of a barber shop spiral upward.
  12. Finish your self-buffage with a wrap on each shoulder, then slowly gliding across the top of your shoulder and finishing down to the chest (toward the heart).
  13. Turn off your BFF, and remove the Blue Muff.
  14. Throw that muff in the dirty laundry and hop in the shower.
  15. Showering will remove any excess oil. And you’ll feel as radiant as you’ll look.



Buffin’ Bronze


Achieves professional-level Sunless Tanning results for an even, bronzed glow, without streaking



A BFF Miracle BodyBuffer

A BFF Blue Microfiber Lotion Muff

Your favorite sunless tanning product (we recommend St. Tropez or Clarins)

  1. Exfoliate your body using our “Be Bair” Protocol and hop in the shower, (or simply use your favorite body exfoliant in the shower).
  2. Dry off completely.
  3. Attach your BFF Blue Microfiber Muff onto the foam disk on your BFF.
  4. Spread about 2 TBSP of your self tanning product onto the Blue Muff.
  5. Make contact with your skin before turning The BFF switch to “on”.
  6. Starting at your feet, begin rotating the BFF in circular motions gliding upward from your feet to upper thigh, making sure to wrap around the entire leg, gradually.
  7. Move on to the glutials and bikini region prior to slowly wrapping around the lower back.
  8. Turn off your BFF BodyBuffer and reapply 2 TBSP of Self Tanning Product.
  9. Place BFF BodyBuffer on your solar plexus and flip the power switch to “On”.
  10. Continue to glide the product upward on the chest in circular motions, when you reach the shoulder, glide down the length of your arm and wrap back up to the shoulder.
  11. In one motion, take the product across the top of your back to the opposite shoulder.
  12. Reach across your chest around to your shoulder blade as far as you can to reach the middle and upper back region.
  13. Allow product to dry completely prior to dressing.
  14. Enjoy your perfect self tan self applied via BFF Body Buffer Massage!

Be Bair (Buffed+Hair)

Quick, painless, and simple hair removal and deep exfoliation for the body

Pumice Stone Alternative



A BFF Body Buffer

BUFFsmooth Sheets

BFF Blue Microfiber Muff


  1. Make sure that the area in which you wish to remove your hair and exfoliate is clean and dry.
  2. Remove the BUFFsmooth Sticker from its adhesive backing and stick firmly to your BFF’s foam disk.
  3. Turn your BFF’s speed dial to Speed 3 and flip the power switch to “ON”.
  4. LIGHTLY place the BFF over the area you wish to begin your hair removal, DO NOT PRESS DOWN (this will cause the disc to stop it’s rotation and therefore strain the motor and irritate your skin.
  5. Once you see dust (white dead skin) glide the BFF over the rest of the area in which you are removing the hair, moving slowly spending about 1 ½ seconds on each square inch of skin.
  6. When you believe you have covered the entire area, turn off the BFF and check to see if there are any rough spots left. If so, go back and “spot buff” the rough patches only.
  7. After the skin is smooth and renewed, you may either:
  8. Hop in the shower
  9. Slip your Blue BFF Lotion Muff on the foam pad and spread your favorite lotion, oil, or cream all over your freshly renewed skin.