nothing is more important than how you feel.



circulatory health

Good health and wellbeing starts with optimal circulation. Like a river, when the water flows unobstructed, the water is clear and clean of waste and debris. Buffing is a highly effective & efficient way to get your blood pumping for the day. Any time you massage your body with the BFF, you get the following benefits:

Improved blood flow

Nerve and cell rejuvenation

Vascular dilation 



muscle health 

Whether you're a professional athlete or a couch potato, everybody has sore muscles. Body buffing is possibly the most effective & efficient way to feel better & achieve peak muscle performance. Buffing every day keeps your muscles feeling strong, healthy, and amazing. Here's the skinny about the positive effects of The BFF may have as a tool for having muscles like a superhero:

Relaxes tight or sore muscles

Clears metabolic waste (e.g. lactic acid)

Myofascial trigger point release

Improves muscle strength

Catalyzes lymphatic drainage

Breaks up scar tissue

Reduces swelling



joint health

In extreme cases, joint pain can make daily life virtually unbearable -- just ask someone with rheumatoid arthritis. The BFF can be like taking an oil can to the Tin Man. By simply applying joint treatments to all your hinges, you are taking steps toward improved health of the nuts and bolts that hold our bodies together. Whether you regularly have joint pain or discomfort or would like to be proactive and keep your sockets in tip-top shape, buffing is a super easy way to lubricate joints, create space, and keep your body running like a well-oiled machine. Below are reasons why buffing may make humans superior to cars:

Counteracts joint compression

Creates a buffer of space when used on joints

Increases the presence of synovial fluid in joints

Brings blood flow to feed connective tissue around joints

Helps loosen up tight, rigid joints

Provides immediate relief to aches and pains



skin health

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Our environment is constantly challenging, even attacking or our sensitive skin. Simple things like breathing or stepping out into the (relatively) fresh air exposes us to hundreds of thousands of free radicals every single day. Not only is The BFF beneficial to helping your muscles metabolize those toxins inside, but it's also your quickest and most effective way to clean off those pesky little buggers lounging around on top of your skin. With our revolutionary BUFFsmooth technology, we developed a system utilizing a simple grey disk composed of superfine crystals. This tool provides you with the deepest exfoliation possible as well as removes hair and excess dry skin in under 2 minutes flat.


it's pretty great for your budget and time management health.

Oh yeah, and it's painless.