Here is what our some of our dedicated customers have said about The BFF:


"FYI, I found a great use of the BFF.  On achilles tendonitis.  Really loosens up the achilles and subdues the pain.  Flat on the achilles not with the edge which is too intense.  It has really been helping."

- Richard C. (March 13, 2017)


"I am 65 and I have weak muscle tone/and negative effects to the nerves throughout my body, all due to diabetes. The daily use of your buffer has helped reduce the pain that I suffer with, especially in my feet and legs which at times is unbearable. I'm not saying it will work for everyone, but it has worked consistently for me for over a year. I also believe that it helps with my circulation."

- Rory G. (February 26, 2015)


 "I’ve had a strained Achilles for the past 6 months and wasn’t going to just skip this 4 day event.  Once I tried the BFF I knew I had what I needed to help me get through the 4 day event. The past 2 years I’ve been getting faster with each event, but this year was planned as just survive and don’t do any more damage to the injured area.  Happy to say it all worked out great and I know the BFF had a lot to do with my recovery each day."

- Keith M. (January 20, 2016)


 "I wish I were in a position to be a distributor for the BFF.  My clients love it and are always asking me how they can buy one.  My fellow practitioners are always borrowing it from me too!"

- David L. (March 24, 2016)


"I had surgery January 27 and they placed a titanium rod inside my femur.  I then spent months doing physical therapy.  So...in addition to great training and race prep and recovery, your BFF...MY BFF...helped with aches and pains following physical therapy. My therapy was exhausting; I had to stretch my ligaments and tendons back out so I could bend my knee and start to walk again.  There were days my muscles were so sore from learning to work again, but the BFF helped lessen the aching and also helped my muscles recover.
We are so glad we invested in your product. It is well worth the money!"

- Sarah S. (June 24, 2016)


"I had a great race and I set a new PR even with the warmer conditions.  I give the BFF credit.  Legs felt fresh!"

- Michael W. (May 4, 2017)