that enhances your body

and your life



The BFF Miracle Body Buffer directs random orbital oscillation and intensive vibration therapy into the body to accelerate healing, wellness, and performance potential for both amateurs and professionals alike.  With its sleek design, durable engineering, and ergonomic handling, the BFF is intuitive and surprisingly fun to incorporate into your daily life. Safe & effective for everybody, from athletes to couch potatoes, The BFF fits in any lifestyle as the new pleasurable way to enjoy every day to it's fullest - pain free and happy.


massage. shave. exfoliate. hydrate.  


therapeutic massage

effective. healing. deep.

Massage with the White Spa Luxe Muff is your new go-to for deep tissue massage whenever, wherever. Buff with the BFF directly on skin or over clothes allowing you to effectively access muscles in a such a way that hands alone cannot provide. From now on, let the BFF do the massaging so your hands can do the applauding.




genius hair removal & exfoliation

fast. painless. effortless.

The iconic & revolutionary BUFFsmooth sheet is so effective at exfoliating, it sluffs off the entire top layer of dead skin and a blasts body hair off with it, leaving nothing but stardust in its wake (yes, we're made of star matter). The result is the smoothest, most radiant skin that is soft as a peach. The best part is that it's not only painless, but also you get a circulation treatment at the same time.  



emulsified moisturization


efficient. penetrative. revolutionary.

Moisturizing with our soothing Plush Blue Microfiber Muff takes hydration to new depths. The BFF's random orbital oscillation technology creates a magical synchronicity turning ordinary lotion into nourishing skin food. With the combination of increased blood flow, pore-opening friction, and  hydrate skin over the entire body while simultaneously receiving a circulation treatment, calming your nerves, and feeling seriously radiant.


increased blood flow ➜ deep nourishing skin food ➜ pore-opening friction